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Parents on 'autopilot' can save their children's lives

Most people perform everyday tasks on "autopilot", unsure whether they stopped at traffic lights and not remembering making a cup of tea, a new study shows. It also found that most parents do not take any measures to prevent their children having accidents, with fewer than half moving hot drinks from their reach or storing cleaning products safely.

A survey found that one in four adults could not remember stopping at traffic lights, while half had turned back to make sure they had locked the door.

The study by the Child Accident Prevention Trust found that fewer than half of parents moved hot drinks away from small children, stored cleaning products safely or strapped their child into a high chair.


The trust's chief, Katrina Phillips, said: "We all revert to autopilot just to get through the day -- but busy parents can use this to their advantage to help keep children safe from serious accidents.

"The trick is to make safety part of your everyday routine and develop safety habits before your child puts you to the test."