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Paolo Tullio was like a fine wine, he got better as time went on, reveals pal Tom Doorley


Paulio Tullio

Paulio Tullio

Paulio Tullio

Food critic Tom Doorley paid tribute to his late colleague Paolo Tullio, comparing him to a "fine wine".

Food writer Paolo passed away aged 65 on Friday from an illness he had been suffering from for a number of months.

The Restaurant star (inset), who acted as a judge on the celeb cooking show with Tullio, was great friends with the food writer both on-screen and off and revealed they had grown even closer in recent years.

"He became more and more mellow as life went on - something which I hope happens us all in life," he said.

"He was like a great wine - he just got better and better as time went on.

"Sadly, he didn't reach the peak that we all hoped that he would," Doorley added.

Former U2 manager Paul McGuinness, who was friends with the chef and writer for 50 years, revealed there was more to Paolo than his love for food.

"He had musical talents and he was far and away the best actor of our student theatre generation," the music mogul said.

"He appeared in many, many plays, including one or two that I directed, and he also wrote a pantomime."

Speaking on his Newstalk show, broadcaster Sean Moncrieff also spoke fondly of Tullio, who presented the weekly food slot on the show each Thursday since 2010.

The presenter said that the Italian foodie will be missed by everyone, especially the women in his life.


"Paolo would arrive up at reception on the fifth floor, flirt his way down the two floors and flirt with every woman until he got in here," he said.

"I think if he was to write his own funeral rites, he'd have a raft of mysterious glamorous women weeping at the back of the spot where the funeral takes place."

Paolo's funeral service is this Thursday in the examination hall in Trinity College at 3pm - the same time as his Newstalk radio slot.

"We wondered should we do [the food slot] - is it crass? Should we just do something to do with Paolo instead?" Moncrieff said. "And then we heard the funeral was on this Thursday at 3pm, so I don't know if there is some mysterious power at work there."