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Panto hunt for a new cinderella

The producers of one of this year's pantos Cinderella are offering girls the chance of a lifetime to play the title role.

Speaking of the auditions, co-producer Alan Hughes (inset) told the Diary: "We are all so excited about having a new star of this year's panto. It's going to be a great platform for whichever talented girl lands the part of Cinderella.

"The new Cinderella is going to get to star alongside a hugely talented cast of well-known faces, including Niamh Kavanagh, so they'll get lots of advice and tips from some of the best in the industry.

"We love putting on Cinderella, it's such a lavish show and it's going to be our best production yet", Alan said.

Producers are looking for girls 17 and over who can sing, dance and act and have the star ability to wow thousands of children. Girls are asked to have two songs prepared, an upbeat song and a princess-style ballad, and they will be given a piece of script prior to the audition.

Open auditions will take place on Wednesday August 20 from 11am at the Tivoli Theatre.

The Cheerios panto is set to open on December 10 and the lucky girl will then put on Cinderella's slippers and wow the crowds this Christmas.