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Panic across Spain as rapist Larry Murphy dubbed the 'face of evil'

THE arrival of suspected serial killer Larry Murphy in Spain has sparked a wave of panic throughout the country.

Women are being warned that "the face of evil" has moved there and plans to set up home in the south.

According to reports, serial rapist Murphy fled Ireland last Tuesday to relocate to the Mediterranean in an attempt to escape the media glare.

Now Spanish police officers are planning to keep the violent rapist under surveillance.

It is understood that gardai have provided the Spanish police with photos and background information about the suspected serial killer.

The arrival of Ireland's most high-profile sex offender in the Costa del Sol has sparked anxiety and panic among locals.

"I can't believe it, he should not have been released in the first place," said one concerned local.

"Look carefully at this face. Especially if you live in Malaga or in the province.

"This is the face of evil," warned one woman, who put up Murphy's photo on her website.

La Guardia Civil is now responsible for monitoring Murphy, who was released from prison last month after serving 10 years of a 15-year sentence for the attempted murder and rape of a young businesswoman in 2000. Murphy is also the prime suspect in the disappearances of three other women in Leinster in the 1990s.

Gardai have reportedly informed them that Murphy is a "high-risk" offender and have handed over photos and information on him to Spanish police.

Spanish citizens have issued stark warnings on forums and blogs.

And they are now ensuring that his image is known across the country in a bid to keep women on alert.

Some of the comments flying around Spanish websites include his physical description and rumoured location, around the Costa del Sol and Malaga.

"Larry Murphy hopes to start a new life and be ignored -- but I won't let this happen," one terrified woman warned.

"The Costa del Crime is the home of many gangsters already and now a rapist will be there too.

"This is why I am putting up his picture. Spain is a big country, and anyone can go anywhere by coach or train."

Another internet user insisted that Murphy was a dangerous person and that Spanish people should be on high alert because he "did not regret his actions" and "his family don't want anything to do with him" so women should remember his face.

"What scares me the most is that he wants to lead a new life where no one knows him. If he does not regret his acts, he will go back to being the same person he was," another person claimed.

"I find it very serious that someone like him could come to Spain but that the local population isn't aware of it," another woman said.

As a European citizen, Murphy is entitled to travel within Europe. It is understood he was considering moving to Britain but decided against it, believing his every move would be tracked by the media.

He successfully applied for a passport and driving licence while in prison and while he has to inform gardai of his movements, he is basically free to travel wherever he likes.