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'Pam wasn't offended by my cheeky interview,' says Ray


Ray D’Arcy Picture: RTE/Andres Poveda

Ray D’Arcy Picture: RTE/Andres Poveda

Ray D’Arcy Picture: RTE/Andres Poveda

Ray D'Arcy has insisted there were no hard feelings between him and Pamela Anderson after his controversial interview with her.

RTE received 23 complaints from viewers who were unhappy with the "sexual nature" of the interview last November.

However, the Kildare man (52) has said Pamela was not bothered and was happy to remain on set when the show wrapped.

At one point during the 18-minute long interview, D'Arcy showed a photo of the Canadian receiving a knighthood from the Prince of Montenegro and said: "There you are, on your knees in front of the Prince of Montenegro."

He also asked her about her two sons with ex-husband Tommy Lee, and then added: "Do they, as teenage boys, know the effect that you've had on other teenage boys?"

Speaking to the Herald, Ray said: "It wasn't my intention to offend anybody. We live in a culture where people get indignant on other people's behalf."


"Pamela Anderson was very happy. She stayed for a quarter of an hour afterward to take selfies. It was never my attention to offend and she wasn't offended.

"In retrospect, I probably went slightly too far," he said. "If you lived your life with regret, you would be beating yourself up everyday. It's only television. When you get to my age, you get a bit of perspective on life."

With the second series of The Ray D'Arcy show kicking off tonight on RTE One at 9.40pm, Ray is looking ahead to the future.

"We've been off since the end of May. I'm really looking forward to it. It's very different to this time last year. There was lots of nerves and trepidation."