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Pal of cartel associate 'Mr Flashy' targeted in gun attack on house


Gardai at the scene of the shooting on Cappagh Drive

Gardai at the scene of the shooting on Cappagh Drive

Gardai at the scene of the shooting on Cappagh Drive

A close associate of Kinahan cartel-aligned criminal 'Mr Flashy' is believed to have been the target of a shooting at a house in Finglas on Saturday night.

The incident happened at Cappagh Drive, in what is believed to have been a warning to local associates of 'Mr Flashy' and his cohorts who control drug supply in the north Dublin suburb.

A number of shots were fired at the house at 10.50pm while there were people inside.

There were no reports of injuries and sources say gardai found no one who could give an account of what happened when they arrived to investigate.

They believe it is not related to an earlier incident during which a masked man ran into a nearby pub with a gun before running out.



Bullet holes in a window

Bullet holes in a window

Bullet holes in a window

There was panic in the Cappagh area on Saturday evening when the would-be killer ran into the public house and searched it intently before fleeing.

Gardai think the gunman was about to murder someone but ran off when the intended target was not there.

This incident followed a row in the pub earlier the same evening.

While the owner of the house on Cappagh Drive is not involved in criminality, a man close to 'Mr Flashy' was in the vicinity at the time the shooting took place.

The scene was later sealed off by gardai pending a forensic examination by specialist officers.

While the exact motive for Saturday night's shooting is not clear, investigators believe it is connected to drug supply in north Dublin.

'Mr Flashy' controls drug supply in the area and is aligned to the Kinahan cartel.

He is one of the main protagonists in a bitter Finglas feud which has eased in recent months after an unsteady truce was reached.

There have been numerous arson attacks, assaults and several firearms have been recovered, while one man has been shot and another escaped with his life after gunmen burst into his home when he wasn't there, as part of the ugly and violent feud.

The Kinahan-backed drug dealer was the main target for rival mobsters and the only criminal involved in the warfare to be officially warned by gardai about an active threat against his life.

Some associates of 'Mr Flashy' are believed to be hitmen for hire and are suspected by gardai of being involved in at least one murder and another attempted murder.

A safehouse in Finglas was shot at and firebombed as the feud escalated last year, before a supposed truce was called because the local dispute was bringing a lot of garda attention to the area and affecting the lucrative drug distribution business.

Reports at the weekend said a safehouse used by 'Mr Flashy' had been trashed by gardai as they searched for a man who they think was involved in the stabbing of a man outside Finglas Garda Station last week.


The man who was attacked is innocent but is a relative of a gang member involved in another feud in Corduff, west Dublin, which has flared up with violent intensity in recent months.

Gardai believe 'Mr Flashy' is helping one side of the Corduff feud, whose hoods carried out the stabbing at Finglas Garda Station.

The injured man was forced to take shelter in the garda station after being slashed with a machete.

He was taken to hospital from the blood-soaked scene.

Tensions have been high in Finglas since the attack, and gardai fear a sudden flash of violence could erupt if tempers reach boiling point.