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Pakistan blasts kill 22 people

BOMBERS targeting Shiite Muslim processions have killed at least 22 people in major Pakistani cities.

The most deadly blast struck as people marking the holy month of Muharram headed towards a mosque in Rawalpindi.

The bombing killed at least 20 people and injured 35 others, police official Azhar Hameed said.

In the commercial hub of Karachi, two people were killed and seven injured in another attack.

The violence came as Pakistan sealed Islamabad to bolster security ahead of today's summit of major Muslim nations aimed at boosting trade and investment.

Earthquake strikes Chile

A STRONG 5.9-magnitude earthquake shook central Chile, causing office buildings in the capital to sway.

Authorities said no damage was reported and ruled out the possibility of tsunami along its coast.

The US Geological Survey said the quake's epicentre was 37 miles south west of the port city of San Antonio.

Chile is highly earthquake-prone and other quakes have caused widespread destruction.

NZ helicopter wreck found

A HELICOPTER that went missing in New Zealand eight years ago carrying a local pilot and a UK tourist has been found in a remote part of the country.

Police confirmed that a helicopter found in Fiordland was the Hughes 500 that went missing in 2004 carrying pilot Campbell Montgomerie (27) and 28-year-old tourist Hannah Timings.

Police recovered two bodies and say they plan to formally identify them by using DNA.