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Paisley's back in fine fettle

Former Northern Ireland first minister Ian Paisley has showed he is on the road to recovery after his health scare.

Dr Paisley (85) was pictured at home in Belfast laughing, joking and having a cup of tea with his wife, Eileen, 10 days after being released from hospital.

He was rushed to hospital at the start of February suffering from apparent heart failure.

At one stage he was in intensive care at the Dundonald Hospital, in east Belfast.

Food recalled in salt scare

Polish health authorities have ordered the withdrawal from the market of more than 230 tonnes of pickles, bread and other food suspected of containing industrial salt.

It is the latest development in a scandal that has raised fears about food safety.

Revelations that industrial salt was sold to food producers have prompted authorities to open a criminal investigation and arrest five people.

The industrial salt was intended for treating roads in winter.

McNugget bid has gone cold

The top bidder for a McNugget that resembles US president George Washington has chickened out of the $8,100 (¤6,200) deal.

Rebekah Speight of Dakota City, Nebraska said the bidder was "very sorry" but had to back out.

Ms Speight said she has had the McNugget stashed in her freezer for three years and decided to sell it on eBay to help raise money to send children to summer camp.

She said eBay rules allow her to offer the McNugget to the second-highest bidder, who had offered $8,000.

Millions watch dolphin rescue

A dramatic video showing 30 beached dolphins being rescued by beachgoers in Brazil has become an internet sensation.

The video shows dolphins appearing out of nowhere and suddenly beaching en masse on the Rio coastline.

Dozens of beachgoers are seen swimming into the ocean and dragging the mammals by their tails in an effort to them back into deeper waters.