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Pair hired hitman just days ahead of slaying

DOUBLE murder victims, the Corbally brothers, hired a UK hitman to take out their biggest foe just days before they were gunned down.

The two brothers gave orders to shoot rival drug dealer, ‘Deero.’

They had fallen out with the major drug supplier following the Parkwest Bloodbath in which a UK criminal was killed – but it’s suspected ‘Deero’ struck first.

Detectives are also probing whether the hit on the Corballys was ordered by a Traveller crime boss, known as ‘The Wasp’, after he too threatened the brothers over the spoils from a series of ATM heists.

Today the Herald can reveal how intelligence reports suggested that the Ballyfermot brothers, through criminal connections in the UK, enlisted the help of British gunmen after the murder of their close associate Jason Lee Martin (39) during the 20-man Parkwest brawl.

The hitmen are thought to have arrived here shortly before Paul and Kenneth Corbally were shot dead last week.

'Deero' learned of the plan and is suspected of ordering the murders of the pair.

"Since the murder of Martin in the Parkwest incident there were numerous threats and counter threats. Chief among these was a report, which came from more than one source, that a UK hit squad was to be brought in," said a source.

"The rumours persisted in the underworld and the Corballys' rivals no doubt took them seriously."

According to reports the hit squad had been contracted by the Corballys to murder their rival, Deero, the main drug dealer in the Ballyfermot area. This man is the chief suspect for arranging the brothers' murders.

Officers are now targeting the boss's gang, and detentions are expected in the coming weeks.

The UK hit team was linked to Jason Martin, a criminal from Manchester who was stabbed and fatally injured in the brawl at Parkwest on September 27, 2009 -- known as the 'Parkwest Bloodbath'.

The participants in the violent brawl used bottles, broken glass, hurleys, knives and one man was even seen by eyewitness wielding a hatchet.

The fight is now being treated as the main motive for the murder of the Corballys last week.

Tensions in the Ballyfermot area were at fever pitch since the row and the Corballys were reported to have made provisions for a UK hit team to travel to Ireland.

Details of the number of individuals contracted, or their identities, are not known at this point, it is understood.

As revealed in the Herald yesterday, the atmosphere in west Dublin calmed earlier this year but tensions erupted once more at the end of April when well known members of the Ballyfermot boss's gang tried to murder Mark 'the Guinea Pig' Desmond.


Desmond (35) managed to flee for his life when three gunmen approached him at Memorial Park in Ballyfermot during the last week in April.

He escaped on a quad bike when he recognised the men coming towards him.

The attempted assassination incensed the Corbally brothers who were involved in a retaliatory attack on a man they suspected as being one of the hitmen from Memorial Park.

They formed a four-man team which included two associates and attacked the rival in west Dublin. Around this time the Corballys are believed to have contracted the UK hit team.

But the brothers tried to carry out the job themselves in April when they tried to take out the Ballyfermot boss in west Dublin.

The Ballyfermot boss, according to intelligence reports, took out a €40k contract to then have the crime brothers killed.

Paul (35) and Kenneth Corbally (32) were murdered on Monday evening June 28 when two balaclava-clad hitmen riddled their Lexus car with up to a dozen bullets on the Neilstown Road in Clondalkin, west Dublin.

A 14-year-old teenager who was in the back of the Lexus when the gunmen opened fire was injured when he was shot three times but he managed to flee to a house in Clondalkin and the alarm was raised.

He has since been discharged from hospital but remains under armed guard.