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Pair deny threatening and assaulting garda

A DUBLIN woman made a "real threat" against a garda, then repeatedly kicked him after he told her to move on from outside a drugs clinic, it is alleged.

Ciara O'Connor (30) was walking her dog when she allegedly assaulted the officer, Dublin District Court heard.

Her then boyfriend, Keith Ronan (40), is also accused of verbally abusing and kicking the garda.

Ms O'Connor, of Pearse House, Dublin 2 and Mr Ronan, from Mount Olive Grove, Kilbarrack deny assaulting Garda Brian O'Connor and breach of the peace at Spring Garden Lane, Pearse Street on September 10, 2012. Judge Michael Walsh deferred his decision to September.

Garda O'Connor alleged Mr Ronan said: "F*** off over to England and get a real job." He said Ms O'Connor told him: "Look at you hiding behind your uniform, do you think we don't know when you finish work? We will get you when you finish."

He took this to be a "real threat" and arrested her, saying he grabbed her by the jacket and she kicked him up to four times. He alleged Mr Ronan aimed a kick at his groin.

Ms O'Connor alleged the garda grabbed her by the hair, "ripping out clumps". She said she only kicked because she was in pain. A doctor took four bags of hair away and she had bald patches, she said.

Mr Ronan said he only kicked back because he became entangled and it was not deliberate.