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Padraig had 'jolly' time at the Ryder cup

Top Irish golfer Padraig Harrington has revealed that it was a "jolly" being Ryder Cup vice-captain when he got to sleep-in, eat a second breakfast, and ply his skills with a table tennis bat.

This year's European team was captained by Paul McGinley who led them to a definitive win over their American counterparts.

"People keep saying the Ryder Cup must really have motivated me - but it was the opposite, it makes me want to retire," he told the Herald.

"I had a ball, it was a big jolly for me. It was completely the opposite to what I'd normally be like as a golfer.

"My schedule if I'm competing is very different," he continued.

Harrington's time at the Gleneagles was stress free allowing the three-time major winner to relax.


"As vice-captain, the big decisions were whether I'd have another cappuccino or a second breakfast, then stroll down to the course," he said.

"I was last to leave the team room in the evenings too and I played table tennis all week.

"That's something I wouldn't do if I was competing as I'd be worried about injuring myself or tiring myself," he continued.

"Basically it was a stress-free jolly and Paul McGinley had everything covered as well, which made it all the better," he added.

When asked about the coverage surrounding Rory McIlroy, Harrington said he believes that publicity and press are part of the game now.

"I don't know really about Rory - in a personal capacity, the more pressure you're getting, it means the more marketing, the bigger the star you are and the more you earn," he said.

"Everybody is paid directly related to how they perform and how much of a star they are. So ultimately it's a trade-off. If you want to live as a hermit and take no marketing dollars, you could do that and play golf having a quiet life.

"The more there is, the higher profile and more you'll earn," he added.


And the golf pro will be lending his expertise during 'An Evening with Padraig Harrington' which will take place in The Gaiety Theatre on Tuesday, January 20 2015 with all proceeds from the night benefiting the ISPCC and the Padraig Harrington Charitable Foundation.