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Oxegen revellers now cleaner and greener

THIS year's Oxegen festival was the greenest yet, with litter levels significantly down on last year.

Dublin City Council officials told the Herald that very little waste was left by festival-goers on the streets of the capital after they arrived by bus from the Punchestown event on Monday morning.

"We've just gone round as normal, we sent our everyday crew. There may have been a slight increase in the normal day-to-day collection but we're not aware of it at the moment," a spokesman said.

Each year, there has been a significant reduction in waste at Oxegen and this weekend's festivities were the greenest yet, according to the festival's promoters, MCD Productions.

Justin Green, spokesperson for the Irish company, said: "This year, the waste was reduced by 50pc, 75,000 festival goers produced half the amount of waste that would have been produced by households [totalling the same number of people] over the same length of time.

"We encourage people to take part in our recycling scheme but it's down to them," said Mr Green.

Indeed, hawk-eyed Dubliners may have spotted the odd pair of wellies or tents abandoned at taxi ranks by revellers eager to get home.


A spokesman for the City Council admitted: "No problem was reported this year or last year, but there was quite a bit of trouble a couple of years ago when many people had left their wellies on the quays."

Measures were put in place last year to make Oxegen more environmentally friendly and to encourage revellers to leave as little waste as possible at Ireland's biggest music festival.

The festival's organisers started actively promoting recycling in 2009 and introducing composting which helped reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by a third.

Oxegen was awarded a 'Green 'n' Clean Award' at the time to mark this achievement.

Every year, the European Festival Association, Yourope, identifies the cleanest festivals in Europe; Oxegen was the only Irish event to make the list last year and it is expected that it will do so again this year.

Oxegen even introduced the first fully recyclable tent this year, made from one material, so it can simply be dropped to the closest recycling bin.

Equipment left behind in good condition, such as sleeping bags and ground mats, were collected for charities.