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Owning a car puts young on road to romance

Owning your own set of wheels has long been thought of as a status symbol when growing up.

Now it seems the myth is true.

Getting behind the wheel of a car can lead to getting a date for a number of young people, according to a new survey released today.

As many as 34pc of 17-25 year olds felt they were more likely to get a girlfriend or boyfriend if they had a car and could drive, the poll by Confused.com found.

The choice of vehicle appeared unimportant, with only 12pc of young adults admitting to dating someone because of the type of car they had.


As many as 65pc of the 2,000 people aged 17-25 who were surveyed said it was "really shallow" to go out with someone because of the car they drove.

But 18pc of young men and 19pc of young women reckoned the better car you drove, the better sex life you had.

The biggest barrier to driving was the cost of insurance, with 87pc citing this as a deterrent, scoring even higher than the cost of a buying a car.

The cost of petrol and of motoring taxes, as well as the cost of driving lessons and the cost of repairs, were other major deterrents.

Only 2pc of those surveyed reckoned there were no barriers to their taking to the road.