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Over 40s less likely
to take 
smear test

IRISH women under the age of 35 are a third more likely to present for smear tests than women over 40, despite the average age of diagnosis for cervical cancer being 43.

Older women are also less likely to consider they need contraception or think that they need a full STI screening, a new report has shown.

The assessment of nearly 40,000 patients at the Dublin Well Woman Centre also showed that Chlamydia continues to be the most prevalent STI in Irish society.


According to the organisation's annual report, 2,950 women under the age of 35 availed of a free smear test, in comparison to just 1,980 women between the ages of 40-50.

Nationally, younger patients are happier to have the cervical check.

The most recent figures published in March by Cervical Check Ireland showed that 78pc of women aged 25-35 presented for a smear test.

This figure was lower for women aged 40-44 (70pc) and only 48pc of women over 60 years of age had the test.

It is believed that women juggling family commitments and jobs are less likely to be mindful of when their next check is scheduled for.