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Over 40,000 requested Toy Show tickets


Ryan Tubridy with the performers on set of the Late Late toy Show last year

Ryan Tubridy with the performers on set of the Late Late toy Show last year

Ryan Tubridy with the performers on set of the Late Late toy Show last year

Ryan Tubridy revealed yesterday that a whopping 40,000 people were clamouring for coveted tickets to the Toy Show last year.

But he said there were just 200 Willy Wonka-style golden tickets to the two hour extravaganza which has become a national institution.

The Dubliner, who throws himself enthusiastically into the theme of the show every year, was a huge hit with the audience of 1.4m viewers last year when he dressed up as Dick Van Dyke's chimney sweep character in Mary Poppins.

He explained yesterday on his radio show that tickets to the most eagerly anticipated Late Late Show of the year are literally like gold dust.

"I'll tell you how many people wanted to get tickets to the Toy Show last year. Answer - we had 40,000 applications for the Toy Show last year," Tubridy said.

"There are 200 seats. 200 tickets and that is one plus one so essentially 100 will get through.

"That's what we are dealing with here. It's is enormous demand for tiny supply."

The production which has taken on all the hallmarks of a West End stage show was the most watched television show of the year in Ireland last year.

Ryan Tubridy, who is expected to make another musical turn this year, said he is already getting excited about this year's production and has even been mulling over the selection of his Bridget Jones-style festive sweater.

"We are very excited about it. We are working on the theme and potential singing and potential dancing.

"We are working on the jumper, working on the toys and working on the kids. The show is about to crank up in the next few weeks and we will keep you posted at all time," he said.


The Toy Show has been one of Ryan Tubridy's biggest triumphs since he took over the reins of the long-running chat show five ago with ratings soaring to record levels with each successive year.

Last year the Mary Poppins- themed show had an average audience of 1.4m and reached 2m at its peak. In 2013, the Shrek-themed show had an average of 1.31m with a reach of over 1.9m.

And the presenter, who has a charming affinity with the children on the show, said the Late Late Show production team are currently watching all the audition tapes sent in from all over Ireland.

"The children are the ones who have applied thought the audition process. That is closed and we are going through the tapes now. That bit is all over."

He also warned parents not to fall for scammers claiming to sell the sought-after tickets.

"You will not be able to buy the Late Late Show tickets", he said.