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Over 4,000 tonnes of waste dumped, just one person caught

JUST one person has been caught dumping at Dunsink Lane in three years -- despite the council removing more than 4,000 tonnes of waste.

And Fingal County Council says it will not collect any more rubbish at the lane, because removing it only causes more dumping.

Mounds of rubbish dumped at a west Dublin laneway will now remain at the lane, the local authority has confirmed, despite it attracting rats and posing a health risk.

Fingal County Council has only caught one person dumping on Dunsink Lane in Finglas in the past three years -- despite clearing away 4,200 tonnes of waste.

Council waste officials said it had proved nearly impossible to catch those who are dumping because much of it was carried out at night, and this posed risks to the safety of enforcement staff.

The council believes most of the dumping is being caused by residents of one of the unauthorised sites on the lane, and is currently examining the feasibility of installing CCTV cameras to monitor the activity.

So far this year, council officials said they had spent more than 130 hours on Dunsink Lane involved in covert CCTV surveillance, as well as road checkpoints. There were two clean-ups of Dunsink Lane in 2008 and the lane was last cleaned of illegally dumped rubbish in March 2009.


Each clean-up has amounted to a staggering 1,400 tonnes of waste collected.

Fingal Council said it had not been possible to gain enough information to bring a prosecution against those who are dumping.

It has promised to clean up the lower part of Dunsink Lane to provide access for residents to the authorised halting sites, however, it has no immediate plans to clean up the rest of the lane.