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Oval Office photos reveal Obama, the family man

After a year in office, he's met most of the world's leaders. The people he's shaken hands with have no doubt given their Obama pictures pride of place in their offices and homes.

But in the Oval Office, it's the ladies in Barack Obama's life that take pride of place.

Casually-posed family snaps featuring his elegant wife Michelle and beaming daughters Malia and Sasha crowd the table right behind the President's seat.

Photos of his mother Ann in her Hawaii home also get a look in.

The rest of the room, decorated in muted creams and cool blue, give little of the man's personality away.

But no guest to the most famous office in the world could miss the specially selected group of photos.

Obama has made no secret of his devotion to his wife and children.

He's frequently pictured enjoying family outings with his girls.

And the discovery of his photo collection proves his willingness to keep his feet firmly on the ground.