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Outrage over Tubridy’s ‘city centre’s a kip’ claim

Dublin city traders are furious with remarks by RTE star Ryan Tubridy who branded the city’s main street as unsafe and “probably the biggest kip of a street in the country”.

The chat show host had declared he was “shocked” by the state of O’Connell Street, saying the majority of people would not feel safe walking down the street in broad daylight let alone at night.

“It is in a terrible state. It’s meant to be our national boulevard, it’s meant to be our Champs-Elysees,” Ryan said,

He also condemned “what looked like heroin addicts floating around the place barely keeping it together”.

Richard Guiney (right) CEO of Dublin City Business Improvement District (BID) however, hit back saying the broadcaster’s remarks were “just nonsense.

“That’s not fair or accurate and it’s really unhelpful,” he said.

“An Irish Business Against Litter survey recently said how clean the street is.

“There was some anti-social behaviour but that has dramatically reduced with the garda Operation Spire.

“Since it began two to three months ago they have noticed an increase in footfall and in dwell-time which is where people look in windows and the longer they look the more likely they are to come in and buy.”

Broadcaster Tubridy said on his 2FM show yesterday: “The 1916 rising, the proclamation was read on the steps of the GPO there and now what - probably the biggest kip of a street in the country. What a sad, sad thing.

“I know very few people who would be tempted to walk up O’Connell Street in daylight, let alone darkness.

“It’s terribly sad to see what should be a majestic and magnificent street,” he said.