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Outrage over civil service jobs for boys

THE Government's policy of handing out lucrative contracts to retired civil servants was today branded "unacceptable".

The revelations come at a time when there are 440,000 people on the live register and thousands of young people emigrating to find work.

"What's quite clear is that the various departments are consistently rehiring staff that have retired," Fianna Fail's health spokesman, Billy Kelleher, said today.

He added that, while we have so many unemployed, we have a situation where the largest employer in the State is consistently rehiring people who have stepped down.

Many of the retirees have already been paid large lump-sum payments and receive large pensions.

"This is totally unacceptable. Certainly there are skill sets already in those various departments and agencies where I believe they either promote people internally or bring people from outside," Mr Kelleher said.

The departments have re-employed dozens of former officials, according to information provided to the Cork North Central TD.

Mr Kelleher said: "It is critically important that there is a flow of people into the civil service and the broader public sector, bringing in expertise.

"And this is a great opportunity to promote from within and keep the morale up of the civil service and the public sector, to take people off the live register and more importantly to bring in skill sets."


He added there is a "capable young workforce out there looking for work, looking for opportunity".

A total of 59 ex-staff at the Department of Agriculture have been taken back on at a cost of more than €860,000.

They have been hired as temporary veterinary inspectors on short-term contracts for "meat inspection duties", the department revealed.

Mr Kelleher said: "There are many young, qualified veterinary surgeons out there, many of them emigrating."

The chief medical officer in Social Protection, who retired this year, has been rehired on a salary of up to €102,152, Minister Joan Burton stated.

Seven former Foreign Affairs officials -- including ex-assistant secretary Frank Cogan on a contract worth €70,835 this year -- have been rehired by Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore for fees totalling €181,497.

Retired deputy secretary Padraig Murphy has been taken back on at a cost of €62,450.

Six ex-staff at the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation were rehired, two of whom are now civilian drivers on a wage of €631.75 per week.

In Justice, the former governor in the Prison Service has been rehired on a contract at a cost of €22,580 to date.

Ms Burton has also appointed two retired gardai to the Pensions Board at rates of up to €80,678.

In February, the Government had to rehire Director of Corporate Enforcement Paul Appleby on a short-term basis so that he could complete the Anglo Irish Bank investigation.