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Outrage as teens film car madness ... days after 8 died in worst crash

GARDAI are investigating a shocking video which shows reckless youths driving on narrow roads -- while dangling legs and arms out of their cars.

The video, shot on roads around Nenagh, Co Tipperary, was posted online days after Ireland's worst road accident, which saw eight people killed in Co Donegal.

The frightening footage, shot by a man standing up in a sunroof, shows one youth driving through a 'Children Crossing' area -- with his feet and hands dangling out of a car window.

The same man is also seen hanging out of a car window and gesturing, while behind the wheel.


An official garda probe into the footage was launched today as AA spokesman Conor Faughnan described the young men as "Ireland's dumbest criminals".

Dozens of passing motorists and a frightened cyclist were lucky to escape with their lives as the youths used the narrow rural roads as a playground.

The mindless motorists shot the footage on a mobile phone, and are clearly identifiable at the end of the clip, as is the registration of the 17-year-old Toyota Glanza in the footage.

The men who identify themselves by nickname, mention their location and make no attempt to hide their car registration. Most of the shocking action takes place on narrow country roads on the outskirts of Nenagh, Co Tipperary.

Officers at the Garda National Traffic Bureau are now examining the footage after it was handed to them by the Road Safety Authority, who had in turn received it from the Herald. Safety chiefs called on the men to be banned off the road by claiming that "stupidity should not be punishable by death".

The footage shows the idiotic youths driving with their feet sticking out the windows, sitting on the driver side window waving to each other as unsuspecting motorists funnel by trying to avoid them.

Most of the footage centres around the driving of a Toyota Glanza which is shot by a phone camera held by a man hanging out of a sunroof.

The men overtake at speed repeatedly passing each other on the narrow road, motioning with delight at their antics.

The driver and passenger of the Toyota put both feet out the window at the same time as the car is in motion leaving no way for them to brake should anything suddenly appear on the road. They do so as they drive past 'Children Crossing' signs and 'Slow' markers on the road.

The men who posed for the video gave the nicknames 'the Hammer', 'the Stan', 'the Tony' and 'the big bad Fraunce'.

Gardai in Nenagh, Co Tipperary will now help their Dublin counterparts in trying to apprehend the motorists.

RSA spokesperson Brian Farrell said he was shocked by the scenes especially given that they were uploaded a few days after eight men tragically lost their lives in Buncrana.

"It's really shocking stuff given what especially considering what has happened recently on Irish roads," he said.

"Given what happened in Donegal last week this is absolutely outrageous, irresponsible behaviour. These guys are obviously using public roads as a playground.


"They were not only putting their own lives at risk, they were also risking the lives of other road users.

"We have passed the footage on to the Garda National Traffic Bureau and we've spoken to them about it. All the comments underneath the video are criticising the conduct of the drivers. It's clear that people view it as crazy behaviour."

Conor Faughnan of AA Ireland described the behaviour of the individuals involved as "dumb" and their conduct as "criminal".

"It's rather shocking, it's a long time since I've seen three guys as dumb as that," he said.

"The fact that they could see humour in their behaviour is particularly sad.

"People might say that if these guys were killed during this incident that it was there own doing but stupidity shouldn't be punishable by death.

"Given that they find humour and bravado in their actions it's no surprise they don't have girlfriends on the scene.

"The fact that they identify themselves on the video probably qualifies these guys as Ireland's Dumbest Criminals.

"But that's what they are, their behaviour is not just reckless and idiotic, it's criminal.

"These three gentlemen are not competent to drive and should not be on the road because they are children.

"Maybe in the future when they grow into adults they may become good drivers but at the moment they should be kept off the road."

Councillor Seamus Morris from Nenagh described the men as "mindless buffoons" with no regard for human life.

"These acts are the acts of mindless buffoons that not only put their lives at risk but also they have put the lives of innocent people in the area in grave danger," he said.