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Outrage as bin charges are set to soar by 31pc

DUBLINERS are facing more hefty rate rises as bin charges are set to jump by as much as 31pc. South Dublin County Council has mooted introducing an increase in collection rates for black bins from €8 to €10.50 as soon as August.

Local opposition councillors are now planning to mount vehement objections to the proposal.

Fine Gael councillors are preparing to call an emergency meeting with Labour and SF before the County Council meets later this month.

Councillor Derek Keating (FG) said: "This move comes at a time when other businesses are reducing their costs. I know many people who are hard pressed to pay other charges."

Residents in the area have just got used to the new bin collection system, which charges per collection, Cllr Keating said.

"The collection rate is based on the fact that the polluter pays," he added. "Large families will be particularly affected by this change."


The European Court of Justice recently found against Ireland over the failure of public bodies to charge VAT for their service and pointed out that private companies competing against local authorities by providing bin collections and other services are forced to charge VAT.

Earlier it was revealed that the consultant who devised the State's waste policy warned that bin charges could double if plans by Environment Minister John Gormley go ahead. PJ Rudden of RPS said opposition to the Poolbeg incinerator and a move towards an alternative system based on waste separation 'defies logic'.

Mr Gormley has warned Dublin City Council not to go ahead with the Poolbeg facility and supports higher levies for incineration with a move to Mechanical Biological Treatment instead.

A number of county councils in Ireland are not providing bin collections and have contracted out the work to private operators.

VAT will apply to all other council services, except those which are statutory functions, such as assessing planning applications.