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Outrage as amputee OAP's car is clamped

A DUBLIN councillor has strongly criticised a clamping firm for targeting an elderly amputee, even though she had a disabled permit on her car.

Patricia Kelly (69) had been attending the Grand Canal Theatre in July with her husband Pat when her car was clamped just outside the venue.

Mrs Kelly told the Herald that an official from the company, NCPS, informed her she was on private property but she insisted there were no signs "on or around" the area.

"I said to him 'do you realise I'm a disabled driver?' but he said 'this is private property'.

"He said we can't leave here until you pay us. Luckily enough I had a few bob on me. I'm an old age pensioner. My husband and I are not earning," she said.


Mrs Kelly was told she could appeal the penalty of €120 but was unsuccessful when she lodged the objection.

NCPS is contracted to carry out parking enforcement in the area by Grand Canal Harbour Management Ltd, which works under the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA).

When the complaint was put to the DDDA, a spokeswoman said the query would be referred to the management company. However, no reply was received at the time of writing.

NCPS did not return a call when contacted.

Fianna Fail's Jim O'Callaghan (pictured) said it was "appalling" the company, which operates on private property, imposed the penalty on the driver of a car with a disabled permit on it.

"They should do the honourable thing and refund her the money. I brought it to the attention of the other Dublin city councillors in the area and they all agreed it was outrageous," Mr O'Callaghan added.

The city council said Mrs Kelly parked her car on private property within the domain of Grand Canal Harbour Management Ltd.

In details outlined by the local authority, NCPS said a vehicle with a disabled permit has special permissions for parking in Dublin city but "must follow normal road safety and parking guidelines".

Mrs Kelly had been attending a show on July 9 last with her husband and left her car as close as possible to the theatre as she has difficulty walking even short distances. She had a leg amputated, has arthritis and has also had a hip replaced.