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Outrage as 1,000 bailout bankers earn salaries over €100k

MORE than 1,000 employees in our bailed-out banks are earning more than €100,000, it's been revealed.

New figures today lay bare the difficulty the Government is facing in overhauling Ireland's toxic banking system.

A total of 804 staff at AIB and EBS earn between €100,000-€199,000 - with a further 45 earning €200,000-€300,000. Twelve employees at the banks are on salaries of more than €300,000.

The news comes just a week after the Herald revealed that one third of the most senior Anglo bosses that oversaw the bank's catastrophic bailout are still at the company - and earning six-figure salaries.

Some 16 of the most senior 50 Anglo employees - who many hold partly responsible for the country's economic woes - have not left the company.


And the figures today reveal further details of the huge pay packages picked up by employees at the bank, now known as the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IRBC).

According to the figures, 119 officials earn €100,000-€199,000 with 16 on salaries of between €200,000-€299,000. Eight bosses there earn in excess of €300,000.

Permanent TSB has 52 officials who earn between €100,000-€199,000, with seven on salaries of €200,000-€299,000. Two people at the bank earn over €300,000.

Several of the banks last night said that the number of employees on salaries of greater than €100,000 has reduced.

Figures are not yet available for Bank of Ireland in which the State has a significant stake.

The figures were released following a parliamentary question by Fianna Fail spokesperson Michael McGrath.