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Out of the way, you fuels, I've got to get my cut-price petrol

A CUT-price petrol promotion sparked traffic mayhem -- but one woman was not taking 'no' for an answer.

Long queues quickly formed and tempers flared after Top Service Station on Usher's Quay slashed prices to 99.9c a litre.

The usual price is 165.9c a litre for petrol, 159.9c for diesel.

Our pictures show one woman motorist's battle to grab her bargain after gardai arrived and insisted that the prices should go up again.

Gardai acted after queues of more than 40 cars began snaking their way down the quays and Lower Bridge Street, leading to traffic congestion as far as Dame Street.

Gardai arrived at the station, and at one stage they had to close access to the forecourt and direct traffic to move on.

One woman got out of her car to remonstrate with a garda after she was told she could not enter the station. She was later spotted happily filling up.

The promotion was an opening day offer, with the takings going to charity.

However, in light of the mayhem, the petrol station ended the offer at 3pm and prices went back up to 162.9 for petrol and 154.9 for diesel.