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Our revered cartoonist Willers dies

Terry Willers, one of Ireland's most famous cartoonists, has died at his home.

The award-winning cartoonist created hilarious pieces for the Herald for many years.

His cartoons first won the hearts of the nation on RTE's Hall's Pictorial Weekly programme. His depictions of rural and city life on the programme delighted viewers for several years.

Mr Willers (76) was born in Britain and lived for more than 40 years in the village of Rathdrum, Co Wicklow, where he died yesterday.

He began his career as a teenager when he got a job with a Walt Disney animation team.

He was a winner of a Jacobs Award for his work for television. His cartoons were also a popular feature of The Mike Murphy Show.

He founded the Guinness International Cartoon Festival in Rathdrum in 1992. He also worked for several publications in Ireland and abroad and several books were published featuring his works.

His characters included flat-capped tractor drivers, hapless golfers and comical cows. His humour was always good natured and often delightfully slapstick.

His works for the Herald in the 1990s, drawn with brush and pen on art paper, are catalogued at the National Library of Ireland.

He is survived by his wife Valerie, son Steven, daughter Julie, grandchildren Steven and Louise, and greatgrandchildren Charlie, Kate, Jake, and Taylor.