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Our patients deserve so much better

AT a time when medical staff worldwide are concerned with containing Ebola, a Health Information and Quality Authority report from Tallaght Hospital is deeply troubling.

Far from being equipped to deal with a deadly virus, a report by HIQA shows that the facility has been failing to deal with the spread of infection at the most basic level.

The report found there were issues that may present a high risk to the heath and welfare of patients.

It is a disgrace that this could be the state of affairs in an Irish hospital, in the 21st Century - especially given Tallaght is one of the busiest in the country.

According to the report, there were insufficient clinical microbiology resources at the hospital and a significant deficit at senor level in governance and management.

The compliance rate among staff for hand hygiene training was a shocking 14pc.

Our patients deserve far better and our health leaders must ensure this.