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Our grandson (3) almost drowned in our deathtrap flooded garden

A FAMILY whose garden fills up like a swimming pool when it rains had a lucky escape when their toddler grandson fell face-first into it.

Eithne and Paddy Byrne, the parents of comedian Jason Byrne, right, say their garden started flooding around six years ago following pipe-laying works on parkland behind them.

They have now run out of patience with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

Herons and ducks have been spotted in the garden when it is in flood because it looks more like a lake than a garden

"We've been on to the council for years and they come and look at it, and then they go away again. Nothing gets done," Mrs Byrne told the Herald with exasperation.

"It all goes back to when the council laid a pipe in the ground behind our house a few years ago," she explained.

"They just spread the mountains of earth out over the ground when they were finished, and it raised the level of the ground behind our back wall. We even had to put more blocks on our wall because people could look into our garden."

Eithne and Paddy said the problem has grown steadily worse over the years.

"The garden is sinking, the shed has all but collapsed, and now it takes weeks to drain away, but it rains that often we have flooding permanently now," said Mr Byrne.

"When it rains we can actually hear the water coming in," his wife added.

"Something has to be done because we can't put up with it any more."

Things came to a head recently when their grandson Max (3) -- nephew of comedian Jason -- fell face first into the water and had to pulled out of it fighting for breath.

"We have to watch him like a hawk and try to stop him getting into the garden when it is flooded," said Eithne.

"My garden is my little domain and we used to have it looking so well, but now there's no point," she added.

"There was a guy from the council out here again the other day, but I still don't know what will happen, if anything," she told the Herald.

"When we complain they send somebody out, but they just seem to shrug their shoulders and scratch their heads."