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Our family, friends and finances matter most

People identify family and friends as the most important thing in their lives alongside financial security and independence.

Issues such as job security matter hugely to people aged between 20 and 49, according to the Herald/Today FM Behaviour and Attitudes survey.

An overwhelming 94pc ranked family and time spent with friends and family as being important to them in their life today.

Financial security and financial independence both ranked higher (92pc) than even spouses, partners, boyfriends and girlfriends (86pc).

More than 1,000 respondents were polled on how important various aspects within society were to them.

Current affairs (56pc), international terrorism (43pc) and politics (36pc) ranked well below more personal issues.

Financial security and independence and job security were particularly important to the over-30s. Crime was concern to those in their 40s (75pc).

Issues such as savings and investments, the health service, leisure time and education all polled highly as being important to the majority of people.

Just over half (54pc) feel climate change is important.

The survey showed that only around one in five (22pc) of respondents believed their life had turned out more or less as they had imagined.

Only half believed their greatest achievements were ahead of them.

Nearly three-quarters of all 30- to 39-year-olds agree Ireland needs to start believing in itself again.

And almost two-thirds identify owning their own home as a priority.