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Our debt 'can be restructured'

THE ECB has not closed the door to an complete re-engineering of the Irish bank debt, the Government said.

Minister Michael Noonan said there was nothing in an ECB statement this week that upset the Irish authorities.

The ECB "noted" the promissory note payment deferral and said it expected Ireland to stick to the note repayment schedule which it had signed up to.

Asked if the EU bailout mechanism could be used as a way to rework the promissory notes Mr Noonan said: "The bigger the firewall, the more potential there is for the European authorities to do additional things."

Collins 2nd in UK enemy poll

MICHAEL COLLINS has come second in an online poll conducted by London's National Army Museum to establish Britain's greatest military foe.

He was beaten to the top spot by Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who fought the Allies' advance at the Dardanelles in 1915, by only a few hundred votes.

The Cork IRA leader was, however, ranked ahead of military commanders like Erwin Rommel, Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington.

Potter fans' pyjama gifts

HARRYPotter star Rupert Grint revealed an unusual fixation of his fans - sending him pyjamas.

Mr Grint, 23, said that "oriental-style" pyjamas were the most popular kind he received, but admitted that a few hand-knitted pairs also came his way, presumably in the style of his onscreen mother Molly Weasley who is known for her love of homemade fashion. He was speaking at the launch of the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour in Leavesden.

Plot to kill the ambassadors

AN Afghan provincial governor plotted to kill the British, French and American ambassadors two years ago, William Patey, Britain's outgoing ambassador to Kabul, said.

Intelligence reports indicated that the governor of Kapisa province armed insurgents to strike during a joint visit, causing the trip to be cancelled.