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Our builders wanted to rebuild quake city

A NEW ZEALAND company is coming here to recruit builders for the reconstruction of earthquake-hit Christchurch.

Authorities in Australia have already asked Irish volunteers to assist in rebuilding flood-devastated Queensland.

The work will count as a requirement to allow them obtain a second-year visa to work in the country.

Companies from the south New Zealand city, which was hit by the earthquake last month, are hoping to pluck Irish talent for vital civil engineering work.

Building group Fulton Hogan's general manager Duncan Gibb said they are eager to meet experienced civil construction workers who may have been made redundant here and who have been looking towards Australia for opportunities.

"We have suffered a succession of natural disasters in Australia and New Zealand, which has created an opportunity to employ Irish workers to help rebuild our infrastructure," Mr Gibb said.

"The Irish are well known in the Australian construction industry for being highly skilled and motivated workers.

"We are looking for experienced workers, everything from project managers to civil engineers and supervisors for the Queensland area," he added.


An exhibition organised by WorkingAbroad.net will include recruitment agencies from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Stephen McLarnon, from the organisation, said there were positive issues to take from the massive exodus of young people.

"No one wants to see Ireland lose an educated youth. However, the opportunity that they present for Ireland is immense." The exhibition is at the RDS on Saturday and Sunday.