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Our baby's due but we're left with 7 weeks of rubbish

A DUBLIN man is furious at the growing pile of rubbish bags as his partner prepares to give birth.

He is angry that his bins have not been emptied for more than seven weeks.

Gordon McArdle and his expectant fiancee Alicia have been forced to keep an ever growing pile of recycling bins in their kitchen as they wait for Greyhound for collection.

Gordon (38) told the Herald that the couple have never failed to pay for collection and that their lack of a sticker was the reason for this potential health and safety hazard.

"I've lived in this place for six years and I have never had a problem, we used to get our bins collected by Dublin City Council," the former accountant said.

"Then we changed earlier in the year to Greyhound and as soon as we got the information, we made sure to pay our bill on time.

"We thought we would get a timetable in the post but we never received anything from them so we took our cue from all the neighbours and we made sure to put our bins out on the right day for collection but they refused to take our bins.

"This happened twice so I called their headquarters and checked the account -- there was no problem there -- but apparently we didn't have a sticker to show that we were their customers. I don't know if they sent it in the post but we never received it.


"We thought the problem was over and that they would send a new one straight away to us but they sent it too late for the last collection and once again our bins were left there. Because they're only collected every fortnight, it will be eight weeks by the time they finally get taken away."

Gordon contacted Greyhound once again to ask for their urgent assistance but he claims that they have "ignored" his calls, despite his partner's condition. When contacted by the Herald, Greyhound claimed they had no records for Gordon McArdle

However, Gordon was able to provide paperwork plus a receipt showing payment to Greyhound from himself and his partner Alicia.

"The house is getting to a horrific state. It's very worrying as we don't know what bacteria is building up at this point.

"Not only is it unsightly, we don't if we're about to get an infestation of rats and mice because of this.

"If we were a restaurant, we would be closed down by the health authorities, yet we're being forced to live in these conditions as citizens.

"I'm particularly concerned about Alicia, she's at the start of her pregnancy so right now she has a nose like a bloodhound and it's pretty inconvenient.

"It also can't be good for her health at the moment, and she'd spend a good amount of time in the house. It's getting out of hand."