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Oscar-nominated in america set to get the HBO treatment

The hit movie In America which earned Jim Sheridan an Oscar-nomination is due to be made into a TV series in the States.

The Dublin director said he's in talks with TV bosses about giving the acclaimed movie the small-screen treatment.

The semi-autobiographical movie was based on his time living in New York with his wife and children as they tried to make it in the Big Apple as illegal immigrants.

The box-office smash, written by Jim and two of his daughters, Naomi and Kirsten, went on to garner three Academy Award nominations, including Best Screenplay.

"I've got some interest in the States on making a TV series about In America so we're talking, me and the girls, about it. It could be HBO but I don't want to say for definite before we sign the deal," said Sheridan.


A topic close to his heart, he said that the issue of the millions of immigrants living illegally in the States isn't one that's sufficiently highlighted.

"I want I tell the story of illegal aliens in American and the underworld of the States that's never on TV," he added. "This is more about the people who are on the edges of American society, who aren't legal, who aren't part of the system. And the thing is, they're the most moral and law-abiding people because the minute they get a traffic ticket, they get sent home. So it's this weird, a law-abiding society that's illegal."

The acclaimed director, a six-time Academy Award nominee, is also finalising details on new movie Secret Scripture along with producer Noel Pearson.