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Orphaned ducklings found after mum killed on road

A FAMILY of ducklings has been found in Finglas after their mother was killed by traffic.

The orphaned baby ducks were discovered frightened and alone by a member of the public.

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) said that at this time of year there will be dozens of baby animals who are attempting to navigate the busy roads.

"A member of the public came across these poor little orphaned ducklings in Finglas," a representative said.

"Sadly their mother had been killed on the road. Her body was taken from the road and left under a tree to rest in peace."

The DSPCA's Susie Hickman, along with the help of two kind passersby, attempted to round up the ducklings.

"It took us a while as two of the little ducklings were adamant they were not going to be caught," she said.

"So we had two strapping lads of over six foot trying to catch two of these tiny little fellows."

All 13 of the siblings were gathered up and are now being cared for in the shelter in Rathfarnham.

Animal welfare experts advised that if you see a brood of ducklings without a mother to check around very carefully for her, before taking action.

"The only time we should touch wild ducklings is if the circumstances are similar to this story," a representative said.