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Orla Kiely shutting up shop after liquidation


Fashion designer Orla Kiely.

Fashion designer Orla Kiely.

Fashion designer Orla Kiely.

Staff at the stores of Irish fashion designer Orla Kiely were reportedly left in tears after being told the company had gone into liquidation.

Ms Kiely, whose brand is a favourite of Kate Middleton - closed the shutters on three stores on Monday.

The company went into a creditors' voluntary liquidation, having become insolvent. Orla Kiely's store in Kildare Village and two more located in London - Covent Garden and King's Road - then closed down.


It was reported staff from one of its London stores were visibly upset after the closure.

A spokesperson for Kildare Village confirmed the closure and said they are in continuous contact with Ms Kiely.

In a statement, the company said the voluntary liquidation came due to "challenges" in recent years.

It said the Orla Kiely home and design licensing will not be impacted and accessories and homeware will continue to be sold through its distribution partners.

Paul Appleton, of David Rubin & Partners, has been appointed to handle the winding down process.