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Op hope for artist who had fingers cut off

AN artist whose fingers were hacked off during a burglary hopes to get plastic surgery so she can draw again.

Alexandra Trotsenko revealed yesterday that she has been unable to hold a pen since James Kenny cut off her fingers after breaking into her apartment in Finglas in September 2009.

She admitted that she still lives in fear after the machete attack although she is pleased that Kenny (35) was been sentenced to 16 years in jail.

"I am satisfied with the sentence and glad he has been put away," she said.

"This is a dangerous man and people need to know that.

"I am from Russia but I will stay here because I am married to an Irishman," she said.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard how Kenny pushed his way into the artist's apartment wearing a balaclava and took a number of items before binding, gagging and later attacking her.

Ms Trotsenko suffered deep facial lacerations as well as life-threatening wounds. She had stab wounds to her neck, abdomen and chest.

Her ring finger and little finger had been amputated at and her middle and index finger partially amputated. Doctors were able to successfully re-attach her middle finger but she lost the other finger portions. Her facial scars are still visible.

She lost consciousness during the attack and when she awoke, she managed to make her way to a local hotel.

Before her ordeal, Ms Trotsenko made her living illustrating children's books.

Her work was exhibited in St Stephen Green in 2006 but she can no longer hold a pen.

Doctors have advised her that she may be able to draw again if she has surgery although she cannot afford it as she has not worked since the assault.

"I can't change my situation or anything in relation to my hands," she said.

"There is a possibility if I could have surgery, but I cannot afford it."

Several artists have created a fund to support Ms Trotsenko.

An art auction will take place in Dublin to help the appeal.

Fashion designer Peter O'Brien said that the attack had been "barbaric".

"I earn a living through drawing the idea that I couldn't do it, is unimaginable.

"You can't get your head around something like it, it's extraordinary that someone would do that," he added.

"A public auction will be organised because this assault was so depraved and barbaric" the director of the Sean Lawlor Artist Trust, Eric Lawlor explained.