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Oops! Is student Galvin a little too school for cool?

MAYBE it's because he's a student again -- but isn't Paul Galvin looking a little too school for cool?

Singer Pink coined the phrase in her hit 'Raise Your Glass' and the Kerry hardman seems to fit the bill.

Trying a tad too hard, the wannabe fashion stylist took another barmy step into the world of men's style.

And in Kerry some were saying his white socks on All Ireland day did little to help the form of the losing Kerry team.

Galvin, now a student in Dublin after quitting his secondary school teacher job, was doing his best to impress.

He eschewed a business shirt for his white polo underneath the formal team suit.

He also had his suit trousers cut short to show off red socks and Teddy boy shoes.

Said one Kerry wag: "I wish all the lads had put as much preparation into the game as Paul did into how he looked. If they had they might have won." Despite preparing for the All-Ireland final over the weekend, the 31-year-old still had time to tailor his official homecoming outfit to greet fans on his arrival back in Munster.

The Kerry players donned a simple, grey two-piece suit with a long-sleeved shirt and gold tie for their sombre return to the Kingdom -- but Galvin put his own twist on the outfit with his own customised version.

True to form, he also scrapped the players' tie and donned the polo showing off his heavily tattooed arms.

His personalised suit featured trimmed trousers with slightly fraying edges, topped off with black plimsoles and the red/pink socks.

The 5ft 11in poster boy, who regularly features in fashion shoots and has a style column in a national newspaper, likes to be a cut above the rest when it comes to his unique wardrobe.

The Kerry All-Star is studying a fashion-related course at DIT, leading to speculation earlier this year that he would play his club football in the capital.

Perhaps he's sorry he didn't now. Or with those white socks maybe he's looking towards Kildare for a club!