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Online posts help burglars

TEENS are still posting vital clues about their location and home online despite warnings that it helps burglars.

Last month, a home in Swords, Co Dublin, was ransacked when a teenager's private party became public knowledge on Facebook.

There is a "growing link" between burglaries and sites like Facebook, a leading security specialist warned.

"Facebook and social networking sites have made it easier than ever to access homeowners' personal information," David Walsh, of security monitoring service Netwatch, said.


Crowds mourn total stranger

MORE than 200 strangers attended the funeral of a former Royal Marine after a vicar put out a plea on Facebook amid fears he'd be buried without mourners.

James McConnell died last month at the age of 70 and staff at his care home in Southsea, Hampshire, US, thought they would be the only people at his funeral, as he had no close family.

But after Reverend Bob Mason posted a message on Facebook and hundreds of people attended the ceremony at Milton Cemetery in Portsmouth.


Mammoth find for fisherman

A FISHERMAN has found what experts believe may be a mammoth tooth.

Mike Anderson of Rye, New Hampshire, US, was fishing for scallops when he noticed a six inch triangular object.

Will Clyde, of the University of New Hampshire, has said it may be a fossilised mammoth tooth as mammoth and mastodon bones have been found in nearby waters.

Mr Anderson, who found the object near Rye Harbour, has also discovered whale vertebrae, porpoise skulls and an old fuel tank that he thought was a treasure chest.


Blues guitarist Slim (75) dies

MAGIC SLIM, a contemporary of blues greats Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf who helped shape the sound of Chicago's electric blues, has died aged 75.

His manager Marty Salzman says Slim died shortly after midnight yesterday at a Philadelphia hospital. He said Slim's health problems worsened on tour several weeks ago.