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Online pages inciting city student riots are removed

ONLINE pages inciting riots in Dublin have been removed after revelations in the Herald.

Gardai had been on alert after websites were set up in advance of last night's Leaving Cert result celebrations inciting disturbances.

Officers received complaints about the social networking sites which encouraged young people to riot in Grafton Street and O'Connell Street.

One website called on students to, "Go break everything and don't forget to loot".

However, the pages were removed after the Herald highlighted the issue in yesterday's paper.


One source said that gardai had been aware since last week of the websites and they were being monitored.

The source added: "It is easy for people to say things on sites like Facebook -- putting these things into practice is a different matter."

Last week's unprecedented riots in England were fuelled by hundreds of people inciting the mayhem online.

Two men who posted inflammatory messages were jailed for four years as UK courts handed out their toughest sentences to date.