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Online hit Zebo gives us a tour of the Lions' 'crib'

TAKE a look at Simon Zebo's crib down under. The Ireland rugby star has added to his reputation as an internet sensation after another in a series of videos appeared online.

This time the winger takes a camera crew, MTV Cribs-style, in a behind-the-scenes look at the Lions' base in Melbourne.

Embarrassing his more sheepish teammates as he passes by, Zebo walks through their base as though he is the Lion king, despite being one of the latest and youngest call-ups to the squad.

"[Ireland captain] Jamie [Heaslip] wants to let everyone know that I'm after beating him in table tennis," Zebo tells the camera.

"He's not happy," he says as the camera points to Heaslip on a nearby couch. "He's got his hood up."

Tommy Bowe and Alex Cuthbert are two of the others who get caught in Zebo's sights.

Even media savvy centre Brian O'Driscoll is worried by Zebo's attentions. The former Ireland captain looks positively shy when confronted with Zebo and the camera and can only muster a limp "Sup?" to his teammate.

The biggest victim of his slagging though is roommate Brad Barritt. "I'm normally tidy, but Brad's awful," Zebo says, as the camera pans the room the 23-year-old shares with the England centre.

Zebo then picks up a hoodie belonging to Barritt, sniffing it. "It hasn't been washed either," he tells the camera. "Sick!"