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One Rejection - Zayn didn't make friends in boyband


Zayn Malik said ‘snide’ comments were made when he left 1D

Zayn Malik said ‘snide’ comments were made when he left 1D

Zayn Malik said ‘snide’ comments were made when he left 1D

There's been no love lost between Zayn Malik and the other band members of One Direction - Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.

Zayn parted ways with Mullingar man Niall and the rest of the band in 2015, before they called it quits entirely in 2016.

According to Zayn, he didn't make "a single friend" during five years in the band.

He told the December issue of British Vogue that when he left, "snide" comments had been made by the others.

He revealed he hadn't been in touch with Niall or the other lads in a long time.

"I have always been a bit like that, though - always a bit of an island. I don't like to confer with too many people," said Zayn (25).

"I ain't spoke to any of them for a long time, to be honest with you. That's just the way it is.

"There's things that happen and things that were said after I left. Snide things. Small things that I would never have expected."


He said the explosion of fame experienced by One Direction was something that affected him personally.

"We went from theatres, to arenas, to stadiums - there was never any sort of bridge between. Just boom, boom, boom," he said.

"I guess that kind of progression to any mind - but especially when you're 17, 18 - it kind of affects you a little bit. People take it different ways - especially when there are five different personalities. The relationships had broken apart."

While friendship may not have been made, there was certainly plenty of money added to their bank accounts.

Niall is reportedly worth €52m, while Zayn has pocketed a cool €41m over the years.