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One in three taxi men have given advice to passengers on love lives


Taxi drivers act as agony aunts

Taxi drivers act as agony aunts

Taxi drivers act as agony aunts

Lonely singletons looking for love this Valentine's Day should consider taking a trip to legendary nightclub Copper Face Jacks, Dublin taxi drivers have said.

In a survey of 14,000 Free Now drivers, 33pc said they have doubled as an agony aunt for passengers in the past, with some being asked for suggestions on where the best hot spots are to find love.

The top places drivers recommended include the Ha'Penny Bridge, the seaside village of Howth and Dublin's most popular club, Copper Face Jacks.

With thousands of people passing through its doors each week, it's no surprise that many great love stories have begun after a hazy night on the tiles at the Harcourt Street club since it opened 23 years ago.

The iconic spot is such an attraction for single people looking to mingle that the club previously launched a #MetinCoppers campaign, which prompted dozens of couples who first got together in the nightclub to share their stories.

The future of the nightclub was uncertain last March after owners Cathal and Paula Jackson announced they were putting the property on the market for around €40m.

However, it was withdrawn from sale a few months later, and now continues to be a rite of passage for young revellers.


As a testimony to the influence Coppers has on young love, one driver recalled a woman he collected outside the club who had been lovestruck by a man she had just left behind.

The woman was eager to see him again, but forgot to ask for his phone number.

In a bid to bring the two lovebirds back together, the taxi driver turned around and went back to the club to ask the man for his number on her behalf.

However, not all drivers' stories ended happily ever after.

One driver recalled his shock when a man was turned down by his girlfriend after proposing in the back seat of the taxi.

Another said he saw a young man leave his taxi to meet his date, but ended up giving flowers to the wrong girl, while another passenger was so nervous before his date that he accidentally left a bouquet of flowers behind on the back seat.

How to chat up a love interest and what to do with a cheating partner, along with Valentine's Day gift ideas, are also among questions passengers have asked.

Speaking about the study, a Free Now spokesperson said: "Taxi drivers in Dublin have a unique character and play a colourful role in the social fabric of our cities.

"Ahead of Valentine's Day we were really curious to find out more about the tales of romance and the responses did not disappoint.

"Drivers have seen it all across Dublin city, which teems with life, fun and intrigue."