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One in three has not registered for property tax

ONE in three home owners has yet to register to pay local property tax – despite next Tuesday being the deadline.

Local property tax returns have been issued to owners of 1.66m residential properties either by post or by way of their ROS (Revenue Online Service) inbox, a Revenue Commissioners spokeswoman said.

By Wednesday lunchtime, more than one million LPT returns had been received.

"The level of filing to date is in keeping with normal trends for a tax of this nature," the spokeswoman said.

"As with all online tax returns, Revenue would encourage people to file as early as possible.


"Revenue reminds those filing online to print the acknowledgment that appears on-screen or to copy the details to their online record of choice."

The LPT is a self-assessed tax, she said, meaning home owners decide how much their property is worth.

"An essential feature of self-assessment is the presumption of honesty, the same as all other taxes. All residential property owners are obliged to file an LPT return," she said.

"Revenue's initial focus in terms of compliance will be on ensuring that the register is as complete as possible, i.e. that all liable persons submit the LPT return and, unless they qualify for a deferral, they either pay or make arrangements to pay the self-assessed amount."

Following the deadline, if a person does not file a return, the amount set out in the Revenue Estimate will be collected, using the usual range of Revenue powers, including deduction at source from salaries.

Last Thursday, Revenue said more than 30,000 returns a day had been filed in the last week.

The deadline for registering online for the LPT is Tuesday.

Revenue say that people who have not done so should file their return by logging on to LPT Online, www.revenue.ie

Those liable can make one single payment or payments in equal instalments from July 1 until the end of the year.

If you own a residential property and have not received a return form, you are still liable for the tax.

People can file online at www.revenue.ie by clicking on the "I have not received a Property PIN" tab or over the phone by ringing 1890 200 255.


"You will need your property details and details of your bank account or other source from which you want the payment deducted," Revenue said.

And if you are a single property owner and prefer not to pay online, you can file online by phone via the LPT helpline and still pay by cheque made payable to the Collector General, or by cash.

"If you want to have LPT deducted at source in equal payments from your salary, occupational pension or Department of Social Protection payment, "it is most important that you file your return on time before May 28", Revenue said.

"If you've received an LPT return but are not the owner of the property, you need to contact Revenue immediate with the name(s), address(es) and PPSN (s) of the liable person (s)."

"If you don't, we will still think you're liable and will pursue you for the LPT in respect of the property," Revenue warn.

Anyone with queries or who needs assistance filing a return, can contact the LPT helpline on 1890 200 255.

The helpline will be open 8am-7pm today, 9am-5pm tomorrow, and 8am-8pm on Monday and Tuesday.