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One in ten drivers not using seat belts

MANY of us are dangerous drivers – and we know it. But that doesn't stop half of the country's motorists from speeding.

Another one in 10 admit to not wearing a seatbelt while behind the wheel.

Despite years of graphic road safety advertisements, drivers are still putting lives at risk every day.

So far this year, 75 people have been killed on Irish roads.

In the last year, 64pc of men admitted to driving over the speed limit, compared to 49pc of women.

Our most common bad habits also include motorists forgetting to dim their lights against oncoming traffic and driving too close to the car in front.

A new survey by Liberty Insurance is to mark a new Safe Driver Campaign.

Road rage among Irish people is also an issue for both sexes, with 24pc of men beeping the horn in frustration compared to 16pc of women.


Our drivers also admitted to taking their eyes off the road when driving, with almost one in five drivers admitting that they have eaten, shaved, put on makeup or brushed their hair while they were driving.

"Many Irish drivers are guilty of bad habits, such as tailgating, driving over the speed limit or taking our eye off the road, which can lead to accidents," Annette Ni Dhathlaoi, Head of Marketing at Liberty Insurance, said.

"Liberty Insurance has published the research to encourage people to be more cognisant of bad driving habits."