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One in seven drivers can't see properly

ONE in seven Irish motorists cannot see properly.

An alarming new survey has shown that 14pc experience a problem with their vision while driving.

Irish roads have claimed the lives of 85 people so far this year – but over a fifth of drivers surveyed said that they never get their eyes tested.

Almost half of respondents admitted that they only got their eyes tested once every five years.

More than 85pc of the 400 people questioned over the past two months said that they would support a compulsory eye test for each driving licence renewal.

And even when motorists were up-to-date on their prescriptions one in seven admitted to driving without their contact lenses or glasses.

The survey for Vision Express also showed that one in 10 drivers regularly drive despite having an uncorrected issue with their vision.

"There is absolutely no doubt that this is endangering the lives of other road users and pedestrians," Vision Express regional manager Damian Daly said. "It is astonishing that this issue has not been addressed and we would call for measures to be introduced to tackle the problem."

The 85 people have been killed on Irish roads to date is up eight so far, as compared to 77 at the same stage last year.



"An eye test should be mandatory, with each driving licence renewal to ensure motorists are safe on our roads," Mr Daly added.

"The Government is very focused on bringing down the number of deaths on our roads, so this should be a top priority. Drivers have a responsibility to other motorists on and should never drive with an uncorrected vision issue."

The Road Safety Authority declined to comment on the content of survey.