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One in nine pubs may shut

ONE in nine pubs outside Dublin is expected to close this year, with up to 5,000 job losses now feared within the bar sector.

The warning came as the Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI) warned that Ireland will continue to haemorrhage alcohol-related revenue and pub industry jobs unless the Government relaxes draconian restrictions on the struggling sector.

The VFI warned that more than 550 pubs were expected to shut this year -- with 3,000 pub industry jobs already lost in the first six months of this year.

Rice slammed phone on Bush

Condoleezza Rice ordered George Bush not to return to Washington after the 9/11 attacks before hanging up the phone.

The former national security adviser had to argue with the US president in Florida not to return to the White House because it was a potential terrorist target.

She told the Channel 4 documentary: "The President got on the phone and he said 'I'm coming back'. I said 'You cannot come back here. The United States is under attack, you have to go to safety. We don't know what is going on here'.

"He said 'I'm coming back'. I said, 'You can't'. I said to him in a raised voice, and I had never raised my voice to the president before, I said 'You cannot come back here'. I hung up."