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One-in-four Irish people wants Valentine's Day to be banned


Date night: Many coup[els have decided to part ways on February 14

Date night: Many coup[els have decided to part ways on February 14

Sinead Beirne

Sinead Beirne


Date night: Many coup[els have decided to part ways on February 14

THE festival of romance is nearly upon us, but it seems many Irish people don't want to know about it, with a quarter of couples saying they would ban Valentine's Day.

It wasn't the only stark finding that will have greetings cards executives blubbing over their sentimental wares, as it emerged that 10pc of couples actually break up on February 14.

Meanwhile, an overwhelming 85pc of singletons told a survey that not having a date on Valentine's Day wouldn't matter to them at all.

Commenting on the study, carried out for Bayer Healthcare, psychotherapist and relationship expert Trish Murphy said she wasn't surprised by the finding that so many couples part ways on the day.

"It can be a time for couples to take stock of their relationship and determine if it's what they want.

"Couples often go through the motions in a relationships that has lost its 'spark' so sometimes it takes a poignant event to re-evaluate what they both want from their relationship," she said.

The survey - which was launched as part of a campaign to educate young women on long-acting contraception options - also revealed what people hated about the day.

Most said that overpriced flowers and hiked-up restaurant prices were some of the worst annoyances of the occasion, while others cited listening other people bragging about their amazing Valentine's Day.

A second survey taken up by Bord Gais found that 83pc of Irish people celebrate Valentine's Day - suggesting that at least some of those who want it banned will grin and bear it.

A suspiciously high 89pc claimed they have never forgotten to buy a gift for their partner on Valentine's Day.

The Bord Gais survey was carried out as part of their #LoveBGE campaign on Twitter.

Those wanting to break free from the usual festivities this year could try the #YourPerfectMatch Disco Brunch, taking place in the city centre this year.

The event will be hosted by TV presenter, stylist and writer Darren Kennedy in Drury Buildings on Saturday from 11am to 1pm and will feature talks from sex therapist Ms Murphy, as well as a talk on contraception from Ireland AM doctor Sinead Beirne (inset).