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One in five wives keep 'run away' accounts


Pictured posed

Pictured posed

Pictured posed

Almost one in five women keep secret bank accounts unknown to their husbands, a survey has revealed.

Fewer men stash money in secret accounts, with one in 12 husbands confessing to having accounts their wives have not seen.

The prevalence of partners having secret "running away" money was revealed in a Love and Money survey published by savings group RaboDirect.

Most couples (75pc) said, however, that they work well together when it comes to planning budgets and managing money. However, full disclosure about money is a hurdle for some couples to overcome.


An overwhelming 78pc felt it was important to know everything about their partner's finances, a figure that rises to almost nine out of 10 women (89pc).

Yet fewer men (62pc) than women (79pc) actually believe they know everything about their partner's finances.

"For those who find talking about finances tricky, it helps to see yourselves as a team working together," said psychologist Niamh Hannan.

"By keeping calm and focusing on the goals you wish to achieve you're much more likely to reach agreement."