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One in five 'unlikely' to follow socialising rules over Christmas


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One-in-five people admit they are "very unlikely" or "unlikely" to comply with Covid-19 restrictions that would prevent them seeing family and friends over the Christmas.

The findings from the Central Statistics Office come as public health officials warned that people should not socialise with friends as they risk passing on the virus to older relatives at Christmas.

The report on the social impact of the virus revealed:

• More than half say people travelling to Ireland from areas of Europe with high levels of Covid-19 should stay away.

• Over half expect to take their next international flight before the end of 2021.

• Just under 12pc are worried about being unable to afford Christmas presents.

• Almost half of respondents expect to spend less on Christmas this year.

• More than four in 10 are worried about household confinement over Christmas.

Almost three in four (74.5pc) were worried about "not being able to mix with other households or see friends or family over the Christmas period" and more than half (54.2pc) were worried about "being unable to plan ahead, not knowing what restrictions will be in place" over the Christmas period.

In relation to other worries surrounding Christmas, men were more likely to be concerned about "pubs and restaurants being closed at 25.3pc compared with 15.2pc of women.

Women were more concerned about "not being able to mix with other households or see friends or family" at 79.4pc compared with 69.4pc of men.

Analysis by age shows that more than one in three aged 70 and over and 31.6pc aged 55 to 69 were worried about "churches, places of worship being closed over Christmas" compared to 14.2pc of respondents aged 18 to 34.

One-in-four respondents aged 18 to 34 were worried about "pubs and restaurants being closed over Christmas" compared with one in nine aged 70 and over.