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One-in-3 reverse diabetes with diet

HEALTH cutbacks mean young adults with diabetes have to wait longer to see a doctor and the visits are rushed, according to a new study by Irish doctors.

Vhi, however, in a separate study found that almost one in three people screened and found to have pre-diabetes, improved their lifestyle enough to reverse the diagnosis within 12 months.

In the first study carried out by the Royal College of Surgeons and the Department of Sociology in University College Cork, it emerged that government cuts in funding were having a significant impact on young adults with type 1 diabetes.

Clinical visits were "too short, frequently rushed and there was not enough time to discuss issues properly".


It also found "an over-reliance on junior doctors and the continuity of care in the service provided was not optimal".

Diabetes care was unevenly distributed around the country with rural services under-resourced.

Equipment like insulin pumps were only available from specialist clinics and young people often had to travel long distances to get them.

Meanwhile the Vhi study screened about 30,000 people for type 2 diabetes and found that about 7,000 were pre-diabetes.

Of these, 32pc changed their lifestyle enough to revert to normal blood glucose within a year.