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One in 10 UK car imports may be write-offs

ONE in 10 cars that arrive here from the UK may be crashed or previously written off.

Motorists are being warned to make sure that they know a car's history before buying – especially if it is an imported vehicle.

Up to 45,000 vehicles are imported into Ireland from the UK annually and a new study shows that as many as 4,000 of these were previously written off.

Motorcheck.ie examined a 10,000-strong sample of the cars imported into Ireland from the UK in 2012, and found that over 950 of these were previously categorised as Category A, B, C or D write-offs.

Some of the vehicles had been crashed multiple times.

In the UK cars in the Category A bracket are supposed to be scrapped and no components sold on if they have been written off.

Parts from Category B write-offs can be re-used but only under strictly controlled circumstances.